Rates payable in advance on Mondays includes breakfast, lunch, and two snacks.

1 < 3 yrs
3 < 6 yrs
6 < 12 years

We offer a discount for additional children in a family of full time enrolled children.
Second Child: 10% off Third Child: 15% off of total for all 3 children.

You are responsible for the days that you sign up for and will be charged for
them, regardless
of sick days. One week's vacation is allowed without payment: with
notification of vacation time made one week in advance.
TOTAL payments are due in advance.

Enrolling your child as full time will allow them to attend as few or as many hours per
day, five days per week up to 50 hours a week. Any time over 50 hours per week that a
child is present will be charged the rate of $4.00 per hour for each extra hour.
will be a $30.00 charge for returned checks; payable in cash.)

Financial assistance is available for eligible working parents through the Department of
Economic Security. Call DES at (928) 468-9800 x 3 for an appointment.
Full Day(6 or more hours) ------- Half Day(less than 6 hours)
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